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Goulds 3196 Pump Tips

Oil requirements based on temperature.
For the majority of operating conditions, bearing temperatures run between 49°C | 120°F and 82°C | 180°F, and you can use an oil of ISO viscosity grade 68 at 38°C | 100°F. If temperatures exceed 82°C | 180°F, refer to the table for temperature requirements.

Temperature Oil requirement

Bearing temperatures exceed 82°C | 180°F Use ISO viscosity grade 100 with bearing-frame cooling or finned-tube oil cooler. The finned-tube oil cooler is standard with the HT 3196 model and optional for all other models. Pumped-fluid temperatures exceed 177°C | 350°F Use synthetic lubrication.

Note: Turbine oils are non-detergent oils. These are used because they do not suspend particles and this keeps particles from getting into the bearings.
To aid in contaminant separation, most turbine oils do not contain additives with detergents or dispersants to clean and carry away contaminants because Turbine oils are not exposed to fuel or soot and therefore do not need to be filtered or replaced on a regular basis.

Acceptable lubricants

Examples of acceptable high quality turbine oils with rust and oxidation inhibitors.

Brand | Lubricant | Type

  • Chevron GTS Oil 68
  • Exxon Teresstic EP 68
  • Mobil DTE 26 300 SSU@38°C | 100°F
  • Philips Mangus Oil 315
  • Shell Tellus Oil 68
  • Sunoco Sunvis 968
  • Royal Purple SYNFILM ISO VG 68 Synthetic Lube

Examples of acceptable synthetic lubricants.

  • Castrol Hyspin R&O 220
  • Chevron GST 220
  • Exxon Teresstic 220
  • Mobil DTE Oil BB
  • SHC 630
  • Shell Marlina 220
  • Tellus 220
  • Sunoco Sunvis 9220
  • Texaco Regal R&O 220
  • Rando HD 220
  • Royal Purple Synfilm GT 220
  • Synergy 220