ARO is offering its EVO Series seal-less process pumps, which are designed to handle starch glue applications efficiently. These pumps are ideal for the paper and cardboard production industry, where starch-based adhesives are increasingly used for their ecological benefits. The EVO Series pumps are capable of pumping starch glue smoothly, maintaining consistent flow rates with minimal pulsation, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of the adhesive and, by extension, the final product.

Traditional diaphragm pumps used in these applications can be energy-intensive due to the large volumes of material they handle. The EVO Series pumps, however, are engineered to be more energy-efficient and cost-effective. They feature a design that includes three process chambers and electric diaphragms, enabling stable flow rates, low pulsation, and significant energy savings. These pumps are also adaptable to varying demands, automatically adjusting to changes in flowrate requirements without needing manual adjustments. This adaptability, along with their durability, allows a single EVO Series pump to do the work of two traditional pumps, offering potential for further energy savings and improved productivity for manufacturing plants.


About ARO

ARO is a leading global manufacturer of positive displacement pumps & systems. Founded in 1930, ARO is a premier brand of Ingersoll Rand.


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