Effective solids handling is paramount in achieving a free-flowing food waste disposal system. As in any process in which solids and debris are present in a liquid stream, food waste can be particularly challenging to handle without properly conditioning the liquid. A complete solids handling system is composed of multiple grinders and a positive displacement rotary lobe pump. Vogelsang offers two styles of solids reduction products – the RotaCut Inline Grinder and the X-Ripper Twin-Shaft Grinder.


The X-Ripper performs a coarse grind for large hard solids in the liquid stream such as: bones, hooves, wood fragments or whole carcasses.


csm_RC5000pro-Compact_VA-2_04_f97b988e86The RotaCut is a precision cutting device that oprates much differently than the X-Ripper. The RotaCut performs a fine grind on the solids flowing in the liquid stream. The RotaCut also captures any hard objects and removes them from the liquid stream before they get a chance to damage any downstream equipment.