Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pumps

Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pumps

Here’s a look at the operating principal and key features of Vogelsang’s VX-Series Rotary Lobe Pumps. This positive displacement pump is ideal for handling solid-laden or viscous liquids. Vogelsang’s pump design is centered on reliability and easy maintenance.

Rotary lobe pumps have long been a popular choice for various sludge applications within wastewater treatment plants. Whether it’s sludge coming off a clarifier or feeding dewatering equipment, digesters, or handling septage, these pumps are versatile and easy to maintain.

This short video outlines the key design features of the Vogelsang rotary lobe pump, along with what sets Vogelsang’s design apart in this pump segment. Find additional details below.

Notable design features

HiFlo lobes
Vogelsang broke away from the traditional two- and three-tip lobe design in favor of four- and six-tip designs that make their pumps virtually 100 percent pulsation free. This lobe configuration is more hydraulically efficient, and the more balanced design allows the pump to incur less wear and last longer.

Lowest shaft deflection, no step-down
Vogelsang designed its pump to have the lowest amount of shaft deflection in the rotary lobe pump market — ensuring the pump is under less strain and wet-end parts incur less wear. In part, Vogelsang achieves this by having the largest diameter shaft in the market, and does not use a “step-down” or threaded design. Long ago, Vogelsang realized that shaft deflection was among the top reasons lobes pumps experience wear. While smaller diameter shafts are cheaper to manufacture, they allow for more shaft deflection. This allows the lobes to wear faster, puts more strain on the seal, and ultimately lowers the efficiency of the pump. Furthermore, “steps” or threaded shaft design create a weak point that further contributes to deflection and, in some cases, shaft failure.

Adjustable housing
This feature saves you money on lobes, by allowing to you to adjust the housing segments of a pump in order to compensate for wear.

In rotary lobe pumps, the efficiency of the pump is dependent on maintaining the proper clearance between the lobes and the housing. As the lobes wear, this slight gap or clearance increases, which results in decreased performance. Other pumps strictly rely on being able to speed up the pump in order to compensate for this, but eventually, the lobes will need to be replaced. However, with Vogelsang’s adjustable housing, the pump housing can be adjusted by lowering the housing segment and decreasing the gap, which brings the pump back to near factor performance without having to replace lobes. With three separate settings, this simple adjustment to the housing can be done twice before the lobes need replaced, allowing for longer service intervals.

Seals designed to last
The Block Ring Mechanical Seal is Vogelsang’s most advanced innovation in sealing technology. The seal has a shaft sleeve and lip seal combined into one simple cartridge seal design. Vogelsang’s hard Block Ring surface is wear resistant, especially against fibrous, abrasive and corrosive material.

Competitors use a component seal system which are time consuming to replace and require the service tech to determine “by feel” whether the seal is set properly — too loose and the seal will leak; too tight and the faces will wear faster or even fail. Both faces must be free of fibers, dust or dirt.

Easy, inline service
You can access the entire wet-end of the pump by loosening a few bolts. With one-piece lobes and cartridge seals, standard maintenance on the VX-Q Series pumps can be done in about an hour.

Advance warning on seal maintenance
Vogelsang pumps feature a buffer chamber and oil canister to protect the gear case in the event of seal leakage or failure. This system gives Vogelsang pump users advance warning before a seal failure.  As long as the oil in the canister atop the pump remains clean, the gearbox and buffer chamber are clear of any foreign liquids. Notice a drop or increase in the level or discoloration in the bottle, and you’ll know the pump may need your attention soon.

Food waste disposal systems by Vogelsang

Food waste disposal systems by Vogelsang

Effective solids handling is paramount in achieving a free-flowing food waste disposal system. As in any process in which solids and debris are present in a liquid stream, food waste can be particularly challenging to handle without properly conditioning the liquid. A complete solids handling system is composed of multiple grinders and a positive displacement rotary lobe pump. Vogelsang offers two styles of solids reduction products – the RotaCut Inline Grinder and the X-Ripper Twin-Shaft Grinder.


The X-Ripper performs a coarse grind for large hard solids in the liquid stream such as: bones, hooves, wood fragments or whole carcasses.


csm_RC5000pro-Compact_VA-2_04_f97b988e86The RotaCut is a precision cutting device that oprates much differently than the X-Ripper. The RotaCut performs a fine grind on the solids flowing in the liquid stream. The RotaCut also captures any hard objects and removes them from the liquid stream before they get a chance to damage any downstream equipment.