Toshiba Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Toshiba Electromagnetic Flowmeters

ESSCO, a division of Tencarva Machinery Company, is an authorized distributor of Toshiba’s Electromagnetic Flowmeters. Electromagnetic Flowmeters are instruments for measuring the flow of conductive fluids, using Faraday’s principle of electromagnetic induction. Toshiba has been making flowmeters since the late 1960’s.

A full lineup of products covering diameters from 1/10” to 120” as well as various liner materials to accommodate diverse fluids are available, making possible fluid measurements in almost any imaginable application.

Main Applications

  • Water and Waste
  • Foods, Beverage and Pharmaceutical
  • Steel, Nonferrous Metals
  • Cooling water, Metals Processing,
  • Stack gas desulfurization
  • Fertilizers and Inorganic Chemicals
    Fertilizers, Soda, Aqueous acid solutions,
    Aqueous alkaline solutions
  • Pulp and Paper
    Paper making processes, Pulp
  • Polymer Chemicals
    Chemical fibers, Water-soluble applications,
    Water-soluble adhesives
  • Liquids Containing Solid Matter
    Concrete slurries, Mortar, Slurries of solid matter

Meeting Diverse Needs

  • The divided multi-sampling system provides reliable and accurate measurement of a wide variety of fluids.
  • Unique noise suppression technology reduces chemicanoise.
  • A high-purity alumina ceramic measurement tube eliminates potentiaproblems in the measurement of fluids at elevated temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and fluids under other adverse conditions.
  • Toshiba’s functionamagnetic field distribution technique and the reduced number of flowmeter components result in improved flow measurement efficiency and reliability.

Intelligent Functions for Industry Requirements

  • LF620 and LF622 converters are available to select the communication from HART protoco, PROFIBUS and Modbus (RS485).
  • User friendly design provides ease of installation and operation.
  • Wiring/connection access of the LF620 and LF622 converter is via the front paneof the unit.
  • LCD display rotates 90, 180 and 270 degrees to fit every installation condition (Available for LF620, LF622 and LF546).
  • All the converters are equipped with infrared switches. No need to open cover when setting

Enhanced Resistance to Harsh Environments

  • Ceramic measurement tubes improve resilience
    The LF470, LF414 and LF516 detectors (1/10” to 4”) employ an alumina ceramic measurement tube, for improved resistance to abrasion, pressure and temperature.
  • LF654 PFA liner enable the flowmeter to operate under the extreme ambient temperature -40°F. Also LF654 is filled up resin between detector and converter bring more reliability for cooling water applications such as antifreeze liquid.

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