The Polyshield® polymer concrete baseplate and foundation system is the superior solution for cost-effective, high-performance pump installations. This single, complete unit replaces the traditional baseplate and concrete foundation for pump-driver sets.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Polyshield® is the preferred pump foundation solution that takes advantage of the unique properties of polymer concrete. As a chemical-resistant foundation system that is easily put into place, then filled with standard concrete, the Polyshield® system can be completely installed and operable in less than two days.

Once installed, your Polyshield® system will provide excellent corrosion resistance over the long term, as well as vibration damping and resistance to twisting and diaphragming.


ANSI Polyshield® Systems

ANSI Polyshield SystemsSTRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ ANSI Polyshield® is a one-piece polymer concrete foundation and baseplate shell and a removable polymer concrete motor block. Pumps and motors are bolted to the polymer surface with cast-in alloy inserts. Each polymer and motor block accomadates two NEMA (IEC) frame sizes. Within limits, motor blocks may be changed to future frame sizes. Polymer motor blocks are supplied in different heights and insert locations for all ANSI group sizes and motor combinations. Eight pre-engineered foundation sizes for all ANSI and ISO frame designs with NEMA or IEC motors.


Polyshield® Improves Equipment Reliability

Polyshield Vibration GraphLife cycle costs for pumps and other equipment decrease significantly due to improved unit performance resulting from:

High vibration damping characteristics

  • Longer seal, bearing, and coupling lif
  • Longer Mean Time Between Planned Maintenance (MTBPM)

Low maintenance requirements

  • No paint peeling
  • No baseplate or foundation deterioration