NOV recently launched the Tolteq™ iSeries near-bit sub (iNBS), which is a near-bit tool that provides real-time inclination and azimuthal gamma data for geosteering applications. The dynamic inclination measurement from the iNBS tool allows for continuous monitoring of well-trajectory progression while drilling.

The iNBS tool connects with our Tolteq iSeries mud pulse measurement-while-drilling (MWD) platform enabling real-time data transmission. Accurate well placement can be achieved, even in the thinnest of reservoirs, because the iNBS tool provides continuous inclination and azimuthal gamma images with up to eight sectors available in real time.

As one of the shortest near-bit measurement sub on the market, the iNBS tool retains effective steerability when it is run below a motor.

To learn more about how the iNBS tool can benefit your geosteering applications, visit our Tolteq iSeries iNBS product page.