ARO 2" Non-Metallic Models

ARO 2″ Non-Metallic Models

ARO 2″ PW Series

ARO® expands EXP Series with new 2″ Center Ported Polypropylene Models. The standard model PD20P-YXS-XXX has 2″ ANSI/DIN Hybrid center ports facing the air inlet side of the pump (see picture). The PW20P-YPS-XXX models have the top manifold rotated 180 degrees. In the PW configuration, the ARO® pump matches the fluid inlet/outlet port dimension of Wilden® P800 and PS800 and Versa-Matic® U2 pump series. In addition, the mounting feet location of both PD and PW models matches the Wilden® P800 and PS800 models. ARO® has the lowest total cost of ownership over the competition. Our pump trial program and the parts Trade In & Trade Up program is available for competitive conversions. Contact your district sales person for more information regarding these programs. If a model is not active at the time of the order, then contact your district sales person for the special price reference number for the Diaphragm-Series order.