Albin Pump’s new KB and KM Series cased-drive peristaltic metering pumps use the principle of peristalsis to transfer product through the pump. Peristalsis is a process found in nature wherein the sequential compression and relaxation of a tube moves product from one end to the other. This animation shows how we’ve adapted this process for the purposes of metering and transferring chemicals.

  • Rollers compress an elastomeric tube
  • As rollers advance, product is drawn into the suction side of the pump
  • Product is trapped between rollers within the tube
  • As rollers continue to advance, product is forced from the pump discharge

Peristaltic pumps have no moving parts in the liquid path, which allows for pumping of multiphase products, liquids that off-gas, slurries with soft solids, and shear-sensitive products like polymers and coatings. Albin Pump’s KB and KM series pumps feature precise metering and transfer capabilities with flows up to 158.5 gph (600 lph) and discharge pressure up to 110 psi (7.6 bar). Pumps can be equipped with 10,000:1 turndown for maximum application flexibility. We’ve also incorporated new safety and convenience features like our patent-pending offset rotor assembly that releases the tube from compression during maintenance, plus several user interface features that make navigating the pump software extra simple. Learn more about KB and KM Series pumps: