The May pump of the month is the Tempuflo HTO. This patented pump is capable of handling temperatures of up to 650°F. The HTO is available in four distinct models with flow ranges up to 500 GPM. The HTO is constructed of high-quality ductile iron at our plant in Fraser, Michigan.
Selling Features:

  • Discharge port can be mounted in the vertical or horizontal positions.
  • Pump is close coupled for a compact footprint.
  • Mounting options include close coupled 145TC, close coupled 56C, Pedestal and PumPAK®
  • Pump is air-cooled.
  • Low temperatures in seal cavity improve seal life.
  • Cost leader in market.

Featured Application for the HTO

Heat transfer pump for asphalt plants

The MP Pump’s HTO is integral in many asphalt plants. The HTO is used to move a heat transfer fluid on a double walled piping system. The heat transfer fluid is heated to 300 °F in order to keep the asphalt liquid. This allows for easy transfer of the liquid asphalt through the plant’s piping system.