Xylem’s Flygt Pumps Stabilize Shipwreck in South African Waters

By Tencarva Machinery Co.


Xylem Inc. played a key role in a recovery mission to stabilize a large cargo ship carrying 150, 000 tons of coal that ran aground off the coast of South Africa. Xylems Flygt 2600 series pumps removed water from the ship and helped to stabilize it so that none of the 1, 830 tons of heavy fuel oil onboard leaked into the sea or endangered the local environment. Five of Xylems Flygt 2640 5.6-kilowatt pumps and one Flygt 2670 18-kilowatt model were used to keep the ship stable and remove water as technicians worked to unload the cargo of coal and fuel oil.

Image courtesy of pump-zone.com