Tuthill featured on In View with Larry King

Tuthill Featured On In View Hosted by Larry King

By Tencarva Machinery Co., May 20, 2015

Since 2005 Tuthill Corporation has been on a journey to create a Conscious Company culture that is based on the philosophies and tools of Radical Leadership ® and Lean manufacturing.

tuthillThis very intentional blend of “Conscious” and “Company” helped Tuthill to achieve record numbers. Earlier this year Tuthill was approached by The Profile Series Production Company to be featured on a new series called In View, hosted by Larry King. The premier episode of the In View series will be on the Discovery Channel this Friday morning, December 7th, at 7:00 AM EST and PST.

Tuthill Corporation was selected by the In View selection panel because of its long-time presence as an American manufacturer and their unique culture. They believe that the power of authenticity, combined with awareness and responsibility, are the keys to the success that they’re having. Tuthill is a fourth generation, family owned company that celebrated its 120th birthday this year.

“We are a manufacturing company that does so much more than make stuff” says Chad Gabriel, Director of Seismic Branding. “Tuthill provides every single one of its employees with the opportunity to create what they want in the context of our Vision, Mission, Values, and Brand statements”, which you can learn more about on their website. “Our vision is to build a great company, grow healthy families, and to have a seismic impact on our world. I hope this show will inspire other companies to breathe more authenticity into their places of work.”

Set your DVRs and tune in to the Discovery Channel on early Friday morning to learn more about what Tuthill Corporation is up to. Let them know what you think of the video by posting your comments on their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/TuthillCorporation). If you happen to miss the show, you’ll be able to watch the full version of their segment on their YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/TuthillCorporation) or on their website (http://www.tuthill.com).