Rotary Airlock Direct Drives Only

Rotary Airlock Direct Drives Only

Rotary AirlockRotary Airlock has developed a quick and convenient solution for customers to easily swap chain drive valves to direct drives, saving them time and effort. In this post, the capital project plan by Rotary Airlock is discussed, highlighting their partnership with the safety and maintenance conscious Ajinomoto Group. Together, they aim to create a new Master Class working experience that drives World Class Profits.


The Ajinomoto Group was determined to eliminate safety and maintenance hazards associated with their airlocks. They were resolute in their “No Touch” approach, insisting on replacing valves with upgraded models instead of repairing them. This meant getting rid of chains that needed repairs, sprockets with broken teeth, and excessive inventory that weighed down their budgets.

However, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) did not offer the desired solution of converting to Direct Drive valves, which are considered the industry’s safety standard. Ajinomoto was surprised to find that most OEMs did not provide this option because they focus on selling valves for systems, not for specific applications. Rotary Airlock, on the other hand, understood Ajinomoto’s needs and offered the solution they were looking for.

With 25 years of experience, Rotary Airlock prioritized the customer by working closely with the Ajinomoto team. They assessed the concerns, devised a roadmap, determined costs, and established a timeline to fulfill Ajinomoto’s vision of replacing their entire fleet of valves using a Pull, Plug & Play approach. Rotary Airlock was the only OEM that offered the possibility of achieving Ajinomoto’s goals.

The collaboration between Rotary Airlock and Ajinomoto resulted in the successful engineering, upgrading, testing, and provision of 11 Kwik-Clean Valves, all equipped with Direct Drive options. This configuration eliminated the need for additional parts, lubricants, and excessive inventory. As a result, Ajinomoto experienced increased profits, standardized maintenance practices, reduced training requirements for staff, minimized safety hazards, and prolonged the lifespan of their airlocks.

Rotary Airlock has since completed over 20 valves and continues to upgrade them to Direct Drives, prioritizing the needs of their customers. By listening, engaging, and collaborating with Ajinomoto, Rotary Airlock has provided the safest solution specifically tailored to their requirements. If Rotary Airlock can solve one customer’s problem, one can only wonder what they can do for others.

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