Electric Diaphragm Pump Case Study for Wastewater Treatment Dewatering

Electric Diaphragm Pump Case Study for Wastewater Treatment Dewatering

ARO 2″ stainless steel EVO Series™ pump offers maximum energy efficiency in wastewater metering application


The EVO Series™ Electric Diaphragm Pump was placed in a manufacturing facility producing chemicals and other equipment for the commercial cleaning industry.

Products being manufactured at the facility include: dish washing detergent, hand cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants, floor cleaners, strippers, finishers, sealers for stone, tile, and grout, degreasers, glass cleaners, laundry detergents and other chemicals and equipment.



The Application


The large commercial cleaning product manufacturer required the following features in their wastewater discharge pump:

The ability to maintain consistent flow rates at varying head pressures
Constant operation at multiple speeds
Precise metering of wastewater into the municipal sewer system
The ability to quickly increase flow to discharge a large volume of wastewater based on system requirements

The EVO Series™ Electric Diaphragm Pump was installed to push a precise amount of wastewater through a filtration system with varying pressures. The pump discharges the exact amount of treated wastewater based on the allowable flow rate dictated by the municipality. The pump provides “sprint” capability to discharge large amounts of wastewater if it is required by the treatment process.

Operating Conditions

Running Hours: 1,600

Average Speed: 40 pump rpm/4.2 rad/s (17 Hz)

Average Torque: 10% achieving average, 26% max peak

Current Flow: average 3.6 amps, achieving max 5.4 amps

Average Pressure: 16.9 psi (1.1 bar)

Average Flow Rate: 30 gpm (113.6 l/min)



The Results


Specifications of the pump installed:

2” EVO Series™ Electric Diaphragm Pump with Stainless Steel pump head, PTFE Diaphragm and Balls

The customer highlighted the following benefits noted after four months of operation:

Low pulsation results in significant output efficiency
Ability to perform consistently at different speeds to be able to maximize the customer’s output requirements
Significant noise reduction
Pump has not required any maintenance, thus reducing costs and resources

The EVO Series™ Electric Diaphragm Pump saved the customer money by maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing maintenance costs.


The EVO Series™ Electric Diaphragm Pump offers an exclusive set of proven technologies packaged into one breakthrough pump.

  • Top pump efficiency
  • Low pulsation
  • One of the best solution for dosing applications
  • High efficiency for companies that use activated carbon in WWT applications
  • Suspended solids capability



Gorman Rupp SE Series Submersible Pump

Gorman Rupp SE Series Submersible Pump

Gorman Rupp SE Series Pump – most commonly used for a variety of industrial applications that include: flooded basements, pools, ponds, pits or anywhere else the pump can be lowered into the water. The Gorman Rupp SE Series is a slim, lightweight submersible pump for dewatering applications where solids are not a concern. It has a max capacity of 85 GPM, max head of 58’, horsepower of .33-1 HP, and a voltage of 115 V 1P.



A 12 Volt model is available that runs off a truck battery in the event of a power failure.