Special and Drop-in Units by Sumitomo Drive Technologies

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Special Paramax UnitsSPECIAL UNITS
Custom needs require custom service

For non-standard gearing and custom ratios, Sumitomo offers special customized units to fit in any application. From customer specific paint to intricate gearbox coo-ling systems, our team of engineers will make sure all your custom gearbox needs are met, with very few limi-tations. And if that’s not enough, with proper drawings, Sumitomo has the capability to custom create almost anything.

Drop-In Units

We retrofit, you drop-in.

Sumitomo offers special customized units to fit in an array of existing applications. Additionally, Sumitomo of-fers drop-in gear drives to upgrade and replace competi-tor units. Delivering premier performance with reliability and the highest quality speed reducers. Sumitomo has exceptional engineering and factory capabilities to support you on your gearboxes needs.


Download Brochure and Specifications:

Sumitomo Special Drop In Brochure