The video introduces EchoBeam, a new level sensor from Flow Line, designed for reliable measurement of both liquid and solids media. Here are the key points:

  • EchoBeam Technology: At the heart of EchoBeam is its robust 80 GHz radar technology, which ensures reliable level or open channel flow measurement of liquid and solids. It offers benefits such as ±2 mm accuracy, a narrow beam for limited spaces, zero deadband for optimized tank fill capacity, and maintenance-free operation.
  • Performance in Various Conditions: EchoBeam performs well in challenging outdoor environments, including extreme temperatures, condensation, vapor, rain, snow, and wind. It also works effectively in difficult processes with agitation, foam, dust, coatings, and corrosive materials.
  • Applications: The sensor is suitable for measuring liquid and solids level in tanks, sumps, silos, bins, and water or wastewater open channel flow in weirs, flumes, or canals.
  • Models and Features: EchoBeam comes in four models (L80, L81, L83, L85) with varying ranges, outputs, enclosures, materials, termination types, and mounting options. All models are Bluetooth configurable using the LevelTap app for easy setup and management.
  • LevelTap App: The app allows users to configure, view status, and manage settings from the ground or nearby, providing a user-friendly interface for sensor setup, quick adjustments, advanced configuration for complex applications, and diagnostics for troubleshooting.
  • General Purpose Usage: EchoBeam is suited for general-purpose liquid and solids level measurement with media dielectric greater than or equal to 1.6, process temperatures from -40° to 120° C, and vacuum or pressure conditions from -1 to 3 bar.