With a history steeped in a long tradition of innovation, John Crane is globally renowned for its ongoing commitment to research and development. The company’s pioneering spirit was first sparked back in 1910 when John Crane himself, inspired by a scrap of foil from a tobacco packet, invented a novel new design for packing. The advancements continued with the design of the world’s first automotive mechanical seal in 1939, followed closely by the Type 1 end-face elastomer bellows shaft seal just a few years later. Then in 1968, the first gas seal spiral groove patent launched the company’s reputation as a world leader in sealing technology — a distinction that endures today.

Innovating for the Future

  • Mechanical Seals and Systems
  • Power Transmission Couplings
  • Hydrodynamic Bearings
  • Artificial Lift
  • Filtration Systems
  • Packing
  • Water Management Services

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