Standard with Eradicator® Solids Management System

Gorman-Rupp has updated the 2” T Series pumps to incorporate the following Super T Series features:

•    External, shimless clearance adjustment
•    Four-point back cover attachment with pusher bolt holes
•    Easy grip handle for back cover removal
•    A two-point “webbed” plate design
•    A patented inspection cover
•    5-year warranty

The new Super T2s are dimensionally interchangeable with the Classic T2s, making field replacement simple.

24 New Gorman Rupp Super T2

The Super T2 comes standard with the Eradicator Solids Management System providing maximum uptime and reduced maintenance costs. Eradicator Solids Management System includes:

•    A new, patented, lightweight inspection cover
•    An innovative back cover plate
•    An aggressive self-cleaning wear plate including laser cut notches and grooves designed to constantly and effectively clear the eye of the impeller

Resources for the 2″ Super T Series include the following: