SmartCover Systems Introduces Sewer Intelligence® and Smart Sewer®

By Tencarva Machinery Co.

SmartCover Systems has introduced the Sewer Intelligence® and Smart Sewer® concepts for comprehensive wastewater collection, management monitoring and system deployment.

SmartCover Systems is introducing the Sewer Intelligence® concept for comprehensive wastewater collection and management monitoring. Sewer Intelligence® will coordinate and analyze information collected from all of the SmartCovers® within an agency’s collection system. Sewer Intelligence® can be used as a resource for a variety sanitary sewer collection system needs, including but not limited to:

  • Predictive Collection System Maintenance
  • Collection Systems Maintenance Optimization
  • Inflow and Infiltration Detection
  • Capital Project Planning
  • Systemic Problem Mitigation
  • Capital Project Deferment
  • Risk Management

Sewer Intelligence® is beneficial to customers with a substantial number SmartCovers® in their system.

Sewer Intelligence® when used with the RAPPORTS™ deployment process provides the ultimate in sewer system optimization.

Please contact SmartCover Systems for more information.