Once again, SEEPEX is leading the way in the technical development of progressive cavity pumps. SEEPEX is the first manufacturer to offer a newly developed progressive cavity pump, which is certified according to the new EHEDG testing process and given Type EL Class 1 certification.

Thus, the new BCFH range meets the highest requirements with regard to hygiene, cleaning and sterilization, and ensures gentle conveying. The new, much more transparent certification process will be made compulsory for all components with EHEDG certifications by 2020. Above all, this includes components in production facilities in the food and beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Certified Cleaning Capability

The Weihenstephan Hygienic Design Institute has confirmed the residue-free cleanability of the BCFH range with its dead-space-free rotating unit by carrying out the “EHEDG in-place cleanability” test. This test of the Clean in Place (CIP) feature for components involves checking for the presence of bacterial endospores after completing the standard in-place cleaning. The CIP flushing cleans the pump without leaving any residue, which does not require the disassembly of components or additional manual cleaning.

Residue-Free Cleaning and Even Easier Maintenance

All SEEPEX hygienic pumps are designed with a special surface shape and dead-space-free pump housing, so that no product components are able to collect there. The new BCFH pump is distinguished by its partitioned suction casing, which is very easy to clean. The suction line does not need to be disassembled for maintenance of its rotating unit or mechanical seal. The flushing inlet has been placed outside the center, in order to optimize the turbulence of cleaning agents. Its new inlet geometry causes flushing fluid to flow even better throughout the pump.

Top Technical Performance – Titanium Shaft Picks Up Rotation

Another main feature of the new BCHF range is a rotating unit made of titanium, the Flexrod, designed to be corrosion-resistant, low maintenance and wear-free. Since the Flexrod gently picks up eccentric motion and passes it on to the rotor, it does not need any joints. Fewer components in a hygienic pump offer even more cleaning advantages. The Flexrod is detachable from the rotor and plug-in shaft, which enormously simplifies maintenance.

Original article: Newest EHEDG Certificate for Hygienic Pump