ARO Electric Diaphragm Pump

EVO Series™ Electric Diaphragm Pump by ARO Fluid Management

By Tencarva Machinery Co.

It’s time to EVOlve your expectations of what a pump can do for you. The ARO EVO Series™ Electric Diaphragm Pump offers an exclusive set of proven technologies packaged into one breakthrough pump.

The all-electric diaphragm pump is changing the game in diaphragm pumping. First, it’s not a double diaphragm, rather it’s a tri-chambered diaphragm pump, and it uses a crankshaft-like piston method which is electric motor driven.  It is a positive displacement pump like no other and it can handle anything that an air operated diaphragm pump can but even more efficiently.  It can handle sludge, slurries, pastes, or anything that an air operated diaphragm pump can pump, but without the hassle of the usual drawbacks of needing air.

ARO Electric Diaphragm Pump

  • Integrated encoder
  • No maintenance gearbox
  • Sealless design – no dynamic seals that could allow hazardous fluids to enter the environment
  • Unique 3 chamber design
  • Innovative diaphragm developed exclusively for the EVO Series™ Electric Diaphragm Pump
  • Choice of 5 different materials of construction to handle the most aggressive and corrosive fluids. Select from stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, polypropylene or conductive polypropylene.
  • Built-in control and monitoring capability
  • Can be controlled with a PLC
  • Built-in motor thermal protection
  • Extended maintenance cycle and smart maintenance schedule
  • Synthetic oil and filtration system for reliable performance over a wide range of temperatures
  • ARO exclusive AC gear motor available in standard (black) safety area version or hazardous duty (red) version

The unique EVO Series™ Electric Diaphragm Pump design provides the confidence to keep your people safe, your processes running and your operating costs down. ARO engineers put the pump through over 20,000 hours of relentless testing at full load conditions with a variety of fluids. The most grueling conditions were replicated in testing and trials to make sure these electric pumps would perform up to your highest expectations. The EVO Series™ pump delivers a flexible solution that can work in a wide variety of applications among the toughest conditions and requirements.

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