Anti-Microbial Towers by Delta Cooling Towers installed at Lincoln Hospital in NY, was mentioned in an article posted on Healthcare Facilities Today about protecting cities from Legionnaires’ disease and other waterborne diseases.

“These towers, which are rounded, not only solved the circulation problem but also have anti-microbial chemicals embedded into the tower’s HDPE material, which helps to prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria such as Legionella,” he says.

The towers the hospital selected were made by Delta Cooling Towers, which introduced the HDPE (high-density polyethylene) cooling tower in the 1970s.

While some cooling tower manufacturers now market a tower with an anti-microbial fill (the medium over which the hot water is distributed as it is being cooled), a vastly better option is to have a cooling tower featuring the fill, structural casing, and sump all composed of anti-microbial material.

Learn about how Delta Cooling Towers Anti-Microbial Towers help keep patients safe from water borne diseases:–19032