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Marvell, AR is a small rural water system had been using an elevated storage tank for means of water pressure and volume for the town supplied by an old turbine that would only fill the elevated tank to about half of its capacity. They have a second elevated tank in the county as a back up however by only filling that tank half full it did not have enough pressure to send the water to the county tank. They also had no fire protection due to the lack of volume and pressure.

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Xylem introduces Flowtronex brand Oasis EX pump

Specifically engineered for retrofitting existing stations, the unit is an easy, cost-effective replacement to old pump controllers. Efficient water management: The controller delivers high-level control over resources and ensures efficient water use. By monitoring daily flow rates, superintendents can rest assured that overwatering will not occur.Eco-friendly and economical operations: Courses that use granular fertilizer can significantly reduce water use by switching to the Oasis EX fertigation system.

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