SPILLSTOP™ – AODD Pump Leak Containment System

SPILLSTOP™ – AODD Pump Leak Containment System

Blacoh Spillstop ensures protection against system failures or spills by employing a completely pneumatic system. This innovative design allows for the secure containment of hazardous or messy process fluids that may have leaked, while also automatically shutting down the malfunctioning pumps. This proactive approach prevents expensive product losses and potentially dangerous spills.

Moreover, Blacoh Spillstop features a warning alarm and backup pump switch-over capabilities, effectively reducing system downtime during critical situations. This ensures quick and efficient responses to potential issues.

To accommodate diverse application needs, Blacoh Spillstop is available in a wide range of materials, allowing users to choose the best-suited option for their specific requirements.

SPILLSTOP™ Leak Prevention
and Spill Containment System

Prevent Product Loss and Hazardous Spills.


  • Compatible with all AODD pumps from 1/4″ (6.35mm) to 4” (101.6mm).
  • Attaches directly to AODD pump exhaust.
  • Fully pneumatic – no batteries or electronics required.
  • Optional warning alarm and backup pump switchover.
  • Available in a variety of materials and configurations, with custom models on request.
  • ATEX certified metal models.


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The Necessity of Fluid Control

The Necessity of Fluid Control

Pulsation and water hammer can be limited with proper forethought and equipment. The control of fluid dynamics is essential to ensure efficient, reliable and safe operation of pumping systems. A pump puts fluid in motion by adding energy to it. This kinetic energy, observed as pressure, is carried in the fluid and slowly lost to friction in the piping system. Uncontrolled fluid in motion can physically destroy the pump, piping, valves, meters and other system components.

Pulsation Dampeners for Peristaltic & Hose Pumps

In this pulsation dampening presentation, a peristaltic pump (hose pump) is used:


Blacoh U Announces New ALL THINGS WATER Course

Blacoh U Announces New ALL THINGS WATER Course

New Blacoh University ALL THINGS WATER course


Advance your knowledge of water reclamation systems and earn PDH credits with the second course in our popular All Things Water series for engineers. Gain industry knowledge and expertise with All Things Water video courses featuring water treatment processes, water sector innovations, environmental challenges and public policies impacting the water industry.

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The Phenomenon Called Water Hammer

The Phenomenon Called Water Hammer

An in depth discussion by one of the industry’s foremost experts, Gary Cornell, on the phenomenon of hydraulic shock, commonly referred to as water hammer. Learn what it is, what causes it, and how to control it. Hydraulic vibration and acoustics. Magnitude of pressure waves. Causes and effects. Controlling water hammer.

Blacoh University’s New Pump Industry Video is a Hit, Blacoh

Blacoh UniversityInitial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, according to Blacoh President, Andrew Yeghnazar. Andrew Yeghnazar, President of Blacoh Fluid Control, talked about how the roundtable format came to be. We challenged ourselves to capture integral parts of a complex process that relies heavily on technical knowledge and expertise, strong business relationships, and hands-on support in order to succeed, said Yeghnazar.

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