You never know what opportunities you may find when you start looking outside of the box.

Here is a great example of some real creative thinking on the part of Caleb Carter, Tencarva Arkansas Sales Engineer. A customer (particle board manufacturer) in his territory called to let him know about an odd opportunity involving guarding a large belt sander.

Caleb at first was a little hesitant as no product existed right off the shelf to guard this beast of a machine. The giant belt sander needed to be guarded and the guards needed to be easy to handle both for installation and removal. Caleb inspected the machine and took measurements and came up with a design for the machine guard based upon another “all metal guard” he had seen in pictures.

With Todd Purgason of Tencarva Fabrication and Caleb’s collaboration they developed what turned out to be  a beautiful guard that  according to the customer exceeded all expectations. As you can see in the photos they used a metal frame with fabricated hangers that feature a locking slip pin for safe installation and easy removal.

The panels were made small enough that a single panel could easily be removed quickly. Estimated weight per panel is under 15 lbs. Caleb also sold installation service and most importantly the customer was thrilled at how they turned out and how easy they are to use.

Great Job Caleb! Great Job Tencarva Fabrication!