On May 31, 2016, Bloomberg news interviewed Dave Henderson of XPV Water Partners about new technologies that are transforming water and wastewater management.  Key among the topics that he discussed was the use of advanced software and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies such as SmartCover Systems™.

With funding growing more scarce and water infrastructures aging, it is critical to leverage these new technologies both to get the most out of existing infrastructures and to better inform capital planning processes going forward. The industry needs answers to the key questions of “How do we keep our water clean?” and “How do we fund repairs and capital projects within tight budgets?”

SmartCover Systems™ helps provide the answers to these key questions.

As Dave Henderson states in the interview, “SmartCover enables you to actually look into the sewer network to see what’s going on.  A lot of people talk about the need to spend trillions of dollars on infrastructure but I don’t see governments having that funding. By using smart technologies such as software and Internet of Things we can dramatically lower the costs and actually renew the infrastructure rather than having to replace it.”