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Better Business in Brewing with Watson-Marlow

By Tencarva Machinery Co., March 23, 2020

Beer Market ProjectionsTo remain competitive brewers need to be able to brew a wide range of beer styles while maintaining a high degree of process efficiency. These brewing process challenges mean there is an increased pressure placed on companies to produce high quality beers at the lowest possible cost.

In this new report we explore how the global industry faces falling consumer demand in a market dense with a variety of craft and speciality beer types.

The report also focuses on the ways in which companies will innovate and adopt new technologies to drive down production costs and bring efficiencies coupled with greater reliability into their operations.

The emergence of this new technology will help brewers predict the performance of different scenarios, allowing manufacturers to make better decisions and reduce operational risk.The wholesale side of the beer industry has also evolved as breweries are choosing to control more of the supply chain, for instance by taking over specialist wholesalers, resulting in capital intensity where this large investment in a fixed asset results in the need for high levels of manufacturing and sales to deliver an acceptable return on investment.

These changes have resulted in a new brewery business model, as brewers realise they are no longer able to sell stock in large volumes, or with the traditional profit margin once enjoyed; now they must find a new way to balance volume and price.

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