The ZP3 from #AmpcoPumps is an excellent choice when pumping very high viscus liquids. Watch this video, demonstrating the manufacturing of soup cubes.

The raw material has a viscosity of more than 2 million mPas. It is very dry and needs a feeding screw to enter the rectangular pump inlet. The feeding conveyer overfeeds the pump with 120% to prevent air pockets. You also may see the very low pulsation with the Ampco ZP3 #circumferentialpistonpump. The ZP3 may handle up to 35 bar and is suitable for viscosities from 1 to 2 million mPas.

Other features are self-priming, suitable for metering applications, sensitive handling of liquids also with sensitive pieces, available in an aseptic version, #EHEDG certified and easy service.

The patented ZP3 Series positive displacement pump is the best choice for sanitary food and beverage processing because only the ZP3 is fully CIP-able without modification, while maintaining full efficiency. The ZP3 Series is EHEDG and 3A Certified. Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.