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The Tefzel lined model 3298 will handle the most caustic, corrosive fluids safely, reliably and at a minimum operational cost. The 3298 is available in frame mounted, close-coupled, vertical in-line and self priming configurations to fit your application layout. Being sealless and magnetically driven, the 3298 has no expensive conventional mechanical seals to fail.

Pulsafeeder Suction Lift Pump Priming

Ever wonder how to prime a Pulsafeeder Pump? This short attachment will provide step by step instructions on how to start a PulsaTron pump.

New TCI Sinewave Output Filter

Germantown, Wisconsin, May 14, 2015 TCI is pleased to announce the release of our newest power quality offering, the MotorShield™ Sinewave Output Filter.  The MotorShield is a sinewave output filter that is the best in its class to protect and extend the life of the motor and cable runs by reducing motor issues. The MotorShield’s […]

Gorman Rupp G Series Rotary Gear Pump Overview

An overview of the features, benefits and workings of the G Series line of positive displacement rotary gear pumps by Gorman-Rupp.

RamParts Pumps Provide Solid Solutions for Handling Corrosive, Abrasive Liquids

There has always been difficulty finding a reliable and cost-effective pump for applications where there is a combination of abrasives and corrosives. The equipment tends to be expensive to purchase and even more costly to maintain. Another issue is the hazardous nature of many of these applications and the extreme safety requirements for the personnel […]

John Crane Begins Field Trials to Test Next-Generation Fiberglass Sucker Rod

John Crane improves strength and performance of fiberglass sucker rods Field trials began late April Improvements are Company’s response to customers’ needs for better pull strength and reduced downtime Sugar Land, Texas, May 6, 2015 – John Crane today announced it has begun field trials to test its next generation of fiberglass sucker rod designed […]

John Crane Launches New Family of Gas Seals

CHICAGO (30 Sept, 2014) – John Crane introduces the AURA™ 220 Gas Seal representing the next-generation of advanced gas seal technology and the first to be unveiled under the brand name AURA. The new technology uses a common global design and patented polymeric sealing device with Active Deflection Control to help customers reduce operating and […]

Gorman Rupp Company promotes Mike Hill

MANSFIELD – The Gorman-Rupp Company, a leading manufacturer of pumps and pumping equipment, has promoted Michael Hill to the position of President of Gorman-Rupp Industries. Hill began his career with Gorman-Rupp Industries in 1983 as a machinist. He worked in the stockroom, served as customer service manager, sales manager and director of sales and marketing. […]

SmartCover Utility Vault Monitoring

Similar to SSO (sanitary system overflow) and CSO (combined system overflow) prevention, SmartCover® continuously monitors the water level within a vault. When the water level rises above the customer predetermined threshold due to water intrusion from rain or through intrusion into conduit, an alarm is sent directly to emergency response personnel. This enables the customer […]

SmartCover Systems Introduces Sewer Intelligence® and Smart Sewer®

SmartCover Systems has introduced the Sewer Intelligence® and Smart Sewer® concepts for comprehensive wastewater collection, management monitoring and system deployment. SmartCover Systems is introducing the Sewer Intelligence® concept for comprehensive wastewater collection and management monitoring. Sewer Intelligence® will coordinate and analyze information collected from all of the SmartCovers® within an agency’s collection system. Sewer Intelligence® can […]

Energy Efficient Motors for Pumps

  With energy taking up a large part of a plants costs, having efficient technologies throughout can result in significant decreases in operating costs. The industry has seen many advances in energy efficient pumps which happen on a regular basis, making it essential to know the benefits of these pumps, including replacement cost and life […]

The World’s Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies

A profound shift in the global economy from developed to emerging markets has changed the landscape for the world’s leading food and beverage manufacturers. The past few years of economic hardship and fluctuating fortunes in different geographic regions have brought about extraordinary investment activity, restructuring, cost cutting and repositioning in the ranks at the world’s […]

How to protect pump integrity in the mining sector

Centrifugal process pumps used in critical mining applications have downtime and safety implications. Jacques Visser of Morgan Advanced Materials examines the various technologies available for ensuring pump integrity, safety and performance through the use of modern materials and designs. Centrifugal pumps are widely utilised in the mining industry, primarily for the removal of slurry as […]

Infographic: How Many Myths About the Clean Water Protection Rule Can Fit on a Webpage? | Jon Devine’s Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC

Although the Supreme Court refused to eviscerate the law, the attacks were partially successful, because they spawned Court opinions and policies from the prior administration that have created enormous uncertainty about what the law protects, and that made it more difficult and time-consuming to adequately prevent and remedy pollution of a variety of long-protected water […]

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